Give your cells what they want.

Rejuvenate your cells with the cleanest living food on the planet.

Raw juice, done correctly, can help you lose weight, feel better, and increase your overall vitality + longevity.

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Not just juice - a full body cleansing system

Elevate your health with our all-in-one juicing system! More than just juice, it's a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Our kit includes an easy-to-follow cleansing guide, a sleek cooler bag for on-the-go nutrition, a cleansing community group, and all the essentials for success.

Transform your body and mind with every sip.

Extremely small batch production

No-one makes juice like this.

We utilize Japanese manufacturing methods to make all juice to order, in the smallest batch possible.

This means freshness. After receiving your order it goes straight into production the following day, and we turn raw produce into a bottle of juice in less than one hour.

We practice the Japanese mindset of kaizen to continually improve our processes and look for every opportunity to reduce waste and increase flow.

Fully raw, no HPP, no UV

If you read the fine print on most juice, you'll see they use a process called high pressure pasteurization aka HPP, or UV pasteurization (even though they call themselves raw).

They do this to extend the shelf life of their product meaning your juice can be 6 weeks to 3 months old but a lot of the magic enzymes, flavonoids, and other molecules get killed off.

We don't do this. We juice in the most nurturing, non-destructive way, and then freeze it which retains 99% of all the nutrients, molecules, and enzymes.

2 stage, cold-pressed

Max Gerson studied this specific style of juicing for cancer therapy because of how it preserves the nutrients. But this way is more difficult which means most other juices don't utilize this process.

Because we created our juice specifically to help someone on a healing journey, we do it the hard way to preserve every last drop of nature's goodness.

No spinning, no aerating, no heating, no pressurizing, we just grind up organic vegetables, squeeze them really hard using a specific juicer, and put them in a bottle.

BIG 16oz bottles

Most juice makers quietly only give you 12 ounces of juice, but the goal is to FLOOD YOUR BODY with nutrients and enzymes. You can't do this with the bare minimum amount.

After delivering juice for the last 5 years locally in Austin and nationwide, we've learned that you want an over-abundance of juice during a cleanse. This way you won't get hungry or feel deprived and depleted.

When you drink our juice your body wants for nothing, your cells are fully cared for.

Community + accountability

We've helped thousands of people cleanse and reset their body and have a thriving community of people dedicated to both their physical and personal growth.

Included with your purchase is access to our exclusive Telegram community filled with like-minded people eager to help you along your journey of wellness.

meet the flavors

16 oz juice

  • Sweet Greens: celery - cucumber - dino kale - green apple - lemon

  • Pure Greens: celery - cucumber - dino kale - romaine - parsley - lemon - ginger

  • Celery: celery

  • Immune Boost: carrot - celery - beets - ginger - turmeric - lemon - green apple - garlic

  • Liver Lover: orange - carrot - turmeric - black pepper

  • Blue Lemonade: alkaline water - blue spirulina - green apple - lemon

  • Morning Tonic: alkaline water - lemon - apple cider vinegar - raw honey - cayenne - butterfly pea powder

nut mylks

  • Vanilla Nut Mylk: cashew - almond - date - vanilla - sea salt

  • Chaga Coffee Latte: organic cold brew coffee - chaga mushroom - lions mane mushroom - Alchemy Vanilla Nut Mylk (cashews, almonds, dates, vanilla, alkaline water, sea salt)

  • Cosmic Peppermint Latte: Alchemy 4 Mushroom Adaptogenic Blend (chaga mushroom, turkey tail mushroom, reishi mushroom, lion's mane mushroom) - peppermint - blue spirulina - coconut butter - maple syrup - Alchemy Vanilla Nut Mylk (cashews, almonds, dates, vanilla, alkaline water, sea salt).

4oz concentrated shots

  • Cell Therapy: dino kale - parsley - green apple - lemon

  • Detox: activated charcoal - lemon - cayenne pepper - alkaline mineral water - 100% pure maple syrup

  • Inner Glow: lemon - green apple - orange - ginger - turmeric - garlic

3 packs to choose from

3 - Day Cleanse

• 6 Pack Cooler Tote Bag

• 15 Page Alchemist Cleanse Guide

• 18 - 16oz Juices: 6 Pure Greens - 3 Sweet Greens - 3 Liver Lover - 3 Morning Tonic - 3 Immune Boost

• 3 - 4oz shots: 1 Inner Glow - 1 Detox - 1 Cell Therapy

Next Day Air UPS® Shipping - Included

Telegram community support - Included

2 Alchemy Vanilla Nut Mylk Bags - Included

Vanilla Nut Mylk recipe guide - Included

One Time: $349

Monthly Recurring: $285 (save $64!)

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KETO Greens

• 6 Pack Cooler Tote Bag

• 15 Page Alchemist Cleanse Guide

• 15 - 16oz Juices: 10 Pure Greens - 5 Celery

*Next Day Air UPS® Shipping - Included

Telegram community support - Included

2 Alchemy Vanilla Nut Mylk Bags - Included

Vanilla Nut Mylk recipe guide - Included

One Time: $215

Monthly Recurring: $200 (save $15!)

Variety Pack

• 6 Pack Cooler Tote Bag

• 15 Page Alchemist Cleanse Guide

• 10 - 16oz Juices: 1 Pure Greens - 1 Sweet Greens - 1 Celery - 1 Liver Lover - 1 Morning Tonic - 1 Immune Boost - 1 Vanilla Nut Mylk - 1 Blue Lemonade - 1 Chaga Coffee Latte - 1 Cosmic Peppermint Latte

• 3 - 4oz shots1 Inner Glow1 Detox1 Cell Therapy

*Next Day Air UPS® Shipping - Included

Telegram community support - Included

2 Alchemy Vanilla Nut Mylk Bags - Included

Vanilla Nut Mylk recipe guide - Included

One Time: $190

Monthly Recurring: $175 (save $15!)

Custom Package

To get a custom package of specific juices, bulk orders, or anything else, simply message us however you'd like below.

email: [email protected]

text: 512.200.3533

call: 512.317.0100

chat: interact with chat bubble on this page

*We can only ship next day air Monday-Thursday. If you order between Friday and Sunday, you will receive the package on the following Tuesday.*


Will I lose weight?

When doing a juice cleanse like this, you may lose weight depending on your current lifestyle and health. People do often lose weight if they follow the guidelines.

Are their detox symptoms?

Yes, but most are good! When cleansing, your body doesn't have to work as hard to digest food, and at the same time, gets a flood of nutrients it craves.

This can cause toxins, waste, and anything unnecessary to leave the body. This process can sometimes cause bloat, headaches, or other small symptoms, but most people experience, more energy, clearer skin, less brain fog, and better sleep.

Are the ingredients organic?

Oh my gosh absolutely! Drinking juice is like drinking a plant concentrate meaning each bottle has 2-3 pounds of produce. So, if the produce is sprayed with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides you're getting a super concentrate of bad chemicals.

We believe drinking juice with all organic ingredients is not only the best option, but it's actually un-healthy to drinking non-organic juice.

We only use organic ingredients, no matter what, forever and ever.

Why is this juice different?

We don't cut corners, we don't water down the juice, we don't pasteurize in any way, we use 2-stage process, and we go from produce, to juice in less than an hour.

No-one does it like this.

When will it arrive?

Included with every order is Next Day Air UPS® shipping. However, we can only ship Monday-Thursday. If you order between Friday and Sunday, you will receive the package on the following Tuesday.

If you don't want to start the day it is delivered, you can always place the whole box in the freezer and pull it out the night before you want to begin.

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Free Bonus!

Everything you need to make our world famous Vanilla Nut Mylk.

In Austin we have the best lattes in town because we use the best milk in town. It's hand made by our dedicated team to infuse every ounce with the love and intention all food deserves.

Included with your first order are 2 of the exact nut milk bags we use to make this magic, along with the exact recipe and instructions to get it just like ours.

Pair that with our matcha powder, a 4 mushroom blend, or another one of our powders to make the ultimate superfood latte at home.

Have questions or need support with the recipe? Reach out in the Telegram group and our health tribe will help you succeed.

Our Nutrition Mindset

Modern day nutrition panels only share a small piece of the picture. Beyond vitamins and minerals are enzymes and polyphenols which have been studied to reduce inflammation, reduce free radicals, and overall, help the body function, as well as, heal and repair.

Polyphenols specifically are things molecules like luteolin, apigenin, catechins, quercetin, and gallic acid.

All or most of these substances are found in the ingredients we use. Dark leafy greens like lacinato kale and Italian parsley, root vegetables like beats, ginger, and garlic, and fresh fruits like green apple, oranges, and lemons.

There's a website called Pubmed which is the governmental website where all peer-reviews research is published. You can go there and do a quick search on the polyphenols listed above to see all of the research being conducted on these plant based compounds in regards to health and wellness.

Mother Nature has everything we need to thrive, and it becomes more and more obvious as time goes on.

The juice that was born out of a cancer journey

After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2019, Carly Brown turned to raw, organic, cold-pressed juice to support her on her holistic healing journey.

After 3 years of juicing, cleansing, detoxing, dental surgery, and everything in-between, Carly is now cancer free.

During this time Alchemy Organics has grown from a home juice delivery company in Austin during the pandemic, to now having 2 brick and mortar locations in Austin, and a thriving online business.

People love our juice because we do it the right way, which is the harder way, but the best way.

We focus on great ingredients and superb manufacturing processes to deliver nature's goodness straight to your body.

Carly's husband Ross makes the systems run, Carly's mom Cynthia runs customer service, and we continually improve to better support you, your body, and ultimately your family.

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